Why do you need it?

For an online food site to be successful, it needs to be fast, easy to browse and efficient. iNetfoods has all of these characteristics integrated into its system. It is an intelligent system that provides the services quickly and efficiently. If you have a restaurant, and are looking for an efficient online system for online exposure, iNetFoods is the answer to your prayers. You need it because it will provide you with online service that will not only extend the reach of your business, it will also enhance the performance of your restaurant.

iNetFoods is simply better than many other online food portals. Although the concept was initiated by companies such as Just Eat, and soon was well accepted all over the world, there were several limitation of most of the portals in the beginning that iBacs has prevailed over in its iNetFoods design.

One limitation of all these web portals was that, they did not have the technological strength to support thousands of customers ordering food at the same time, and, inevitably, they would often crash and be inaccessible. Moreover, many of the websites did not have an effective menu management system, that is, the system would not allow for all possible combinations of menus to be arranged. iBacs kept all of these inefficiencies and limitations in mind when it started developing a online food portal in 2007. iBacs has the structural capabilities and the expertise to develop a portal that not only could support a large number of concurrent customers, but can also allow for perfect menu management systems to allow for virtually all possible combination of menus. After two years of research into the concept, iBacs came up with the perfect solution – the iNetfoods web portal.

iNetFoods portal offers you the solution for all your online restaurant requirements. Once you begin using the portal, you will be questioning yourself as to why you have not thought of availing it before. Restaurants all over the world are enjoying the benefits of the iNetfoods network; it’s time you reap yours.