How does it work?

iNetfoods is an online food portal for restaurants and takeaways. This is an integrated food network where customers and restaurant owners can meet in one place, order food from favorite restaurants, and also discuss the efficiency of the services. It is a customizable product that can be tailored according to the requirements of the clients.

With the improvement in technology and the increased availability of online applications, web-based services are more popular now than ever before. The concept of online food portals is not uncommon either. Organizations such as Just Eat have previously demonstrated that a commission-based platform for providing food online is not only an innovative concept, but is also a highly profitable business. The concept was well accepted all over the world and companies and restaurants quickly started developing their own portals.

iNetFoods works like this - customers login online to a website where they can choose their favorite restaurant, select and customize their desired orders, and check out with a bill that is generated based on the order, the location of the customer or any special offers availed by the customer. The order is then transferred to the Restaurant, who processes the order and prepares it for delivery, which, sometimes, is taken care of through a third-party arrangement. As an intermediary, the website receives a commission for organizing the deal.