What We Offer?

iNetfoods is a complete solution for online food networks all around the globe. It is a user-friendly and fast system that allows for hungry customers to locate a restaurant in close proximity, and allows restaurants or takes outs to expand their business beyond their fixed locations. It is an innovative arrangement for both parties. The system offers a number of significant features, and can support millions of users who can log in concurrently without slowing the system.

The portal offers a very useful search option that allows customers to search for restaurants/takeaways based on the street, area, postcode, suburb, restaurant name, suburb and various other options. Furthermore, the solution is equipped with well-designed systems that offer several functionalities. Some of the in-built systems are the Menu Management System, Invoicing System, Commission Management System, Cost Management System, Customer Management System, Reporting Systems etc. The solution is also equipped with separate control panels for the Administrator, who is the owner of the site, the Restaurant Owners, and Front-end users or customers that are easy to use and navigate. For more details on these features, please look through the products section in this site.

The orders that are placed online through the portal can be remotely printed by the SMS/GPRS Printers provided by iBacs. iBacs also provides a desktop Application that informs the restaurant through a signal when an order arrives.

iNetfoods has already gained popularity with many clients all over the world. Some of the successful projects include Pide Parallevar (Venezuela), and Eat Now (Jordan and UK). iNetfoods in steadily gaining popularity across the globe. iBacs provides full services both locally and to its international clients from the liaison offices located in the UK, US, Australia, Malaysia, Jordan, and other countries.