iNetFoods™ Framework

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Comparison with Other Portals:


iNetFoods Other food portals
   To support millions of concurrent users.
   Most online portals become slow when large number of users log in.
   Complete customization of the solution according to client specification, especially for iNetFoods Enterprise, iNetFoods Express.
   Generally food portals have a fixed interface that cannot be altered.
   A number of price plans available, in accordance with the country, the location, the extent to which the contents can be customized etc.
   This option may not be available with other portals.
   Integration with remote printers; a unique characteristic of iNetFoods.
   Not available with other popular portals.
   Separate user panels for admin, restaurant owners and customers.
   Usually not included with all the portals.
   Polygon-based radius defining search system.
   No other portal allows such search facilities.
   Provide full Post-code database of UK for FREE!
   Other portals might not provide this database.