Main Features

iNetFoods™ Framework

Some of the very attractive features are listed below:
  • The system can support millions of users online concurrently without slowing down

    The food site offers a very useful Search function that allows customers to search for restaurants/takeaways based on the street, area, postcode, restaurant name, suburb and various other options.

    Special offers and deals on various meals can also be offered by the restaurant owners through the website.

    A complete Menu Management System allows for any combination of menu to be updated.

    A comprehensive Delivery Area Defining System allows for setting any kind of delivery area based on post-codes, dimensions (such as a radius or a polygon that can be drawn on a map), or by co-ordinates.

    The system comes equipped with an Invoicing System that can work automatically to create and send invoices out to customers depending on the auto invoice setting.

    The Commission Management System in the portal allows more control over various kinds of order such as Delivery order or Collection order.

    A delivery Cost Management System permits the settings of various costs, based on the total order amount, the customer’s location, or the day of the week when the order is placed.

    The system also contains a Customer Management System that provides a wide range of functions to interact with customers and allows them to use a number of functions in the website, including order history, earning points re-ordering previous orders, favorite dishes, comment or provide feedback on orders and services, interaction and chat functions with other site users, tell a friend and customer affiliate to allow earning points, address books, Facebook connect and many more.

    The Reporting System in the web portal allows for different types of (weekly or monthly) reports which in turn provide a better overview of the business.

    It also has an Order Dispatch System that works with a GPRS/SMS Printer (also provided by iBacs) to send orders remotely to even the kitchen of the restaurants and receive confirmation.

    There are control panels for the Administrator, who is the owner of the site, the Restaurant Owners, and Front-end users or customers. The panels are easy to navigate and are made simple to avoid complexity in usage.