iNetFoods™ Framework

Our Plans

Developing an online portal is quite an expensive task. However, the iNetFoods solutions are competitively priced when compared with other products in the market. The prices, of course, are subject to a number of factors.

Rental Payments

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In this plan, the client agrees to pay a certain amount of 'balloon payment' in the beginning and then pay a fixed amount of rental payment per month (or year, according to consensus) for the life of the solution. The server may be retained by iBacs but the client will be able to use the solution without any hindrance.

Installment-Based Payment

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The installment-based payment plan is similar to any other product purchased on installment basis. An initial payment is required followed by a fixed payment per month/annum for a fixed period of time, say for three years, after which the client can use the product on his/her server as their own.

Partnership/Joint Venture

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This plan is an alternative to actually buying the solution. A client can work as a partner of iBacs IT Solutions. The iNetFoods solution that is required by the client will be developed by iBacs while the partner will provide the marketing and promotional support, and also bear the operating costs. The commission obtained from the website will be divided between iBacs and the partner. The ratio of the shares will be determined through cooperation and discussion with the partner.

One-Time Sale

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This is the most straight forward plan where the client agrees to clear the whole price of the product in two payments. One payment is cleared when the client places the order for the solution. The second and final payment is cleared after the product is delivered to the client. The two payments can be of equal amount or in a 60:40 or 30:70 ratio, depending on the agreement with the clients. No liabilities will be held after the purchase and the product will be owned and operated by the client only.