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iNetFoods™ Framework
Case study: 

Restaurants and takeaways are a huge business today. We-based, online restaurants and takeaways are becoming even more popular because of the ease and convenience it provides over the traditional platform of ordering by phone. Customers can take their time to browse through their favorite restaurants and menus and choose food that they can have delivered at their home or office. iNetFoods is one such platform that allows such expediency to the customers.  iNetFoods has already gained recognition in various parts of the world for providing food portals that offer fast and efficient service. Below are some of the case studies for web portals based on the iNetFoods framework provided by iBacs.

EatNow, Jordan (

EatNow is Jordan’s first dedicated online food ordering platform. It is a portal based on the iNetFoods framework that allows restaurants to join in and offer their menu to online customers. Customers can choose their favorite restaurant or can look for a restaurant in close proximity, order their customized menu and wait for the food to be delivered.


The client for EatNow Jordan originally had the idea of an online ordering system. iBacs already had the iNetFoods framework developed for such clients, and when they discussed it with iBacs, iBacs was more than happy to help. They jointly discussed the opportunities of developing such a portal for Jordan and came up with

The project had a number of objectives:
  • The website had to be user-friendly, appealing, and easy to navigate to look for restaurants and place orders

  • The menu system had to such that customers can customize items in their orders and make alterations as much as possible before confirming the final order

  • It had to be fully integrated with the social networking sites such as Facebook

  • Restaurants owners demanded separate control panels to keep track of their online ordering and marketing


iBacs kept all of these requirements in mind when they developed Eat-Now.  The time frame taken for developing and deploying the website was six months. The iBacs team connected to the customer using their project management tool iBacsCamp. The client worked with the team directly through online meetings and received progress reports directly from the developers during all stages of the project development life cycle.


When EatNow was developed, the client was more than satisfied with the product. All the requirements were well fulfilled by iBacs and EatNow became a very popular portal for online food ordering in Jordan.  Today it is the fastest-growing brand in the Middle East and is setting new trends in the restaurant and takeaways industry.

 EatNow, UK (

The same domain name was also provided for a portal based in the UK. Although the clients of EatNow Jordan and EatNow UK are different, the framework followed in both the cases was the same, i.e. iNetFoods.


EatNow was originally founded by entrepreneurs Simon & Tracey in Brighton in the autumn of 2006. Launched as EatNow Brighton, the website initially served only the Brighton area. Simon and Tracy came up with the concept from the frustration of searching for takeaway menus, having to wait forever on the telephone, and then receiving incorrect orders often generated by rushed telephone conversations and miscommunications.


With the help of local web designers, Simon and Tracey began EatNow Brighton which soon became popular in the area.


In August 2010 EatNow Brighton underwent a new step in its evolution, and signed a deal with iBacs to bring the concept of online food ordering to the rest of the UK. Dropping the 'Brighton' from its name  opened for business on the 11th October 2010.


Today it is one of the most successful web portals present in the UK. The customer base is increasing every day and more and more restaurants are enjoying the benefits of going online and earning those extra revenues that they otherwise would not hove earned. Simon and Tracy, of course, are delighted to see the results and are glad that they have made the designing of working with iBacs and carrying their idea forward.


PideParaLlevar, Venezuela (

PideParaLlevar is the iNetFoods solution for the Venezuelan restaurant and takeout industry. The client came to iBacs with the hope of developing a food portal that will bring together hungry customers and restaurants who can satiate them. PideParaLlevar was developed keeping the requirements of an easy yet effective online ordering system in mind.  After detailed conversation with iBacs, PideParaLlevar was launched in Venezuela.


Initially the web portal was in a Flash format, but after much discussion with iBacs, it was later on converted to PHP after a six-month period. Now PideParaLlevar is now of the most successful food portals in the region and is gaining more and more popularity every day.


These are just some of the success stories of iBacs with the iNetFoods framework. For a full client list, please look through iBacs Latest Projects section in this website.