iNetFoods™ Framework

iNetFoods Express

iNetFoods Express is the solution for individual restaurants that want to add online food ordering service to their website. iNetfoods express gives them the ability to add their menu, choose the delivery areas and publish their online food ordering website to existing and new customers.

The website framework is also compatible with iNetFoods connect software that allows the order to be printed automatically from a thermal printer on the restaurants (requires a computer and an internet connectivity). Also the framework is ready to go with GPRS/SMS Printer which allows hassle free order printing directly from the website as it comes and also allow confirming the order instantly with the customer with press of a button. The restaurant can concentrate on making food and the customers are left happy with no telephone misunderstandings and hassle.

Key Features of the iNetFoods Framework:

  • A complete e-commerce website with shopping cart and online ordering facility

    A complete menu management system allows virtually any types/combination of menu

    A Customer management system to manage customer

    An order management system to manage orders

    A reporting system for generating various reports such as weekly, monthly, yearly

    A Windows based software application iNetFoods Connect to allow online order to automatically arrive and print on the restaurants on a thermal receipt printer

    GPRS/SMS Printer connectivity to allow hassle free way to receive orders on the takeaway/restaurant

The technologies used to develop this project were:

Scripting Language:PHP, JavaScript (AJAX, JSON, XML, SOAP Webservice forGPRS/SMS printer API)

Template Design:HTML, DHTML, CSS (CSS Sprites), Photoshop, illustrator, Flash action script.


Web server:Apache HTTP server

JavaScript Libraries Used:Jquery, mootools, ext.js, prototype.js.


Server OS:Linux server (preferred), Windows